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The latest victim of Robyn Astaire's lawsuit frenzy is She managed to win control of the domain.
They changed their name and are still up and running but
its just another reason why it takes so long for his
movies to come out on DVD. It's not OK for Ginger Rodgers
to use clips with him in them when she was honored at
the Kennedy center but selling his image to a Dirt Devil
commercial is just great. Now I have that rant out of my
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Oooooooh, that is just ridiculous. No one in their right mind can look at all of the lawsuits she has filed and honestly say they believe that she's only protecting misuse of Fred's image. What on earth is going through her head (besides money), I have no idea.
oh no!! how can Fred's offspring be so irrational? he's such a wonderful human being.
She is not his kid. She is the Jockey he married in
1980 who got Fred to leave her sole rights to his
works. She won't let Ava his daughter use his image.
I just realized who she was after i posted the comment.

OMG what a witch!!! Ava can't even use her own father's image? That is just freaking ridiculous.

Mmmmm...guess we know why she married Fred. It wasn't just about love. :( Well, love of money.